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What to look out for at Habitat on Black Friday The best online and in-store discounts at Habitat on Black Friday can usually be found across the homeware and furniture departments. Shop the online sale at Habitat.

We have seen prices begin to be pulled down in the couple of weeks preceding the big day as part of 'early Black Friday deals', so it'll be worth your while keeping your ears to the internet from about Friday November 15 ish. At the other end of the spectrum, the Black Friday gaming chair deals will probably run well into December and onto Christmas.

John Lewis Black Friday deals 12222: what to expect in this year’s sale

And remember Cyber Monday is occurring on December 2, so you'll find deals ploughing on into Advent and basically continuing without pause until Christmas time—which will then themselves run into the January sales. Generally, in terms of when to actually pull the trigger, you're best bet is to wait until Black Friday itself to give yourself the best chance of a mega deal.

But from then on, and particularly as we go over into Cyber Monday and into early December, don't hang about. Grab whatever saves you the most and gets you the best product.

Next Black Friday 12222 deals UK shoppers can expect online and in stores

If your current chair is in a total state, or if you don't want to hang around until the Black Friday gaming chair deals roll in themselves, there are some offers out in the wild right now. We've rounded up the best ones so you can weigh up whether to pull the trigger now, or hope the price of your favorites come down during Black Friday itself. It's offering incredible value. If you don't fancy the red and black look, there's other colors you can choose from at relatively similar costs.

The trickiest bit about Black Friday is the sheer weight of offers available to you—there's almost too much choice, and every single online retailer is shouting about their discounts. Because it can be hard to cut through that noise and sort good reductions from overpriced rubbish, we've got a few tips to help you save money. Draw up a shortlist in advance In the first instance, we'd recommend checking out our list of good gaming chairs if you haven't already.

It's a detailed but easy-to-understand rundown of all the best seats on the market right now and why they're worth your time. That'll stop you from becoming overwhelmed. Handily, our guide lists the best prices right there on the page to save you time as well as money.

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Baskets etc. Amazon is the name in online retail, considered one of the most valuable brands worldwide with an estimated million active customers on its books. If you see something you like, it's a good idea to buy it when you see it — because you may not see that deal again. Black Friday marks the start of the festive season, and that means Christmas shopping. More from fabulous.

Keep a couple of price comparison sites bookmarked Although the team at PC Gamer will bring you every bargain, discount, and offer we can, it's worth keeping tabs on some price comparison sites too. These will help you figure out if a deal is actually any good. Just don't fixate too much on getting the 'lowest ever price'—it may not happen during Black Friday, and if you wait too long the gaming chair you wanted could jump back up to full price.

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Black Friday sofa deals: ones to watch in , when Amazon first held a UK Black Friday sale and other stores quickly followed suit. Black Friday shopping madness for is nearly upon - but will High street chain Next was a late adopter to the UK Black Friday sale phenomenon, Last year saw hundreds of clothing, accessories, home and furniture.

Always be prepared to be surprised No-one can ever be sure what offer is coming around the corner, so stay on your toes and be ready to act fast. A bargain could pop up at any moment, and you can be sure the best ones will sell out quickly. In other words, check in with the product you want and this page, for that matter regularly.

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Naturally they aren't available now, but last year's Black Friday gaming chair deals will offer great points of reference and an idea of what specific offers could come around this year. Below are a few from across the price spectrum to represent what was going on last year. Expect a huge variety this time around, perhaps with similar price cuts.

The Flash XL Series is so big it's more of a throne, but that extra size means it's extra comfortable and highly adjustable.