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You might be an online seller with your spare room long-since buried in stock. You might be a large retail business with no space in the stockroom. You might just be a seasonal business which requires different equipment and materials at different times of year. Here are four advantages to investing in a business storage space. The biggest and most immediate advantage is that you get more room to work at your own home or place of business. You can add in more desks, or work to seasonal needs.

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When your unneeded goods are put away in business storage, you can rest easy knowing that they are being looked after. With security around the clock watching over the whole facility, you know that the risk of anything happening to your storage is very low. This may well be a very different situation to what you have for your current storage solution. With spare stock and equipment out of the way, your existing office space will be much safer.

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This is very important, particularly if you have employees working with you. If you have towers of boxes and crates, things littering the floor, and a lack of space to move, you are likely in contravention of health and safety regulations. Once you have a dedicated business storage space, a lot more potential opens up. You can buy in more stock to fill it up, which means you can sell more in bulk as well as being able to anticipate your most popular items and prevent them from selling out. This in turn opens you up for more potential profit, and you may also be able to get cheaper wholesale prices if you purchase more stock at once.

All of this will allow you to grow your business more quickly, and take it to the next level. This means that you have to get it right first time. Here are five things to consider. How easy is it to get to your office — not just for you, but for employees and customers? Is there free parking on site? Are you close to public transport links such as airports, train stations, bus routes, and so on? Is there a motorway nearby? How far are you from major cities? Can you afford to pay your lease, plus any rates and tax you may need to pay, along with utilities?

Think about your average turnover for the past few years, or predicted turnover if you are a start-up. Consider how much profit you will need to make to cover the lease, and whether it is realistic. Make sure to look for great deals — as you move outwards from a big city, prices will start to drop while still having good proximity to the city itself. Your neighbours could have a big impact on the success of your business! A managed office building is a great place to find footfall from customers who are visiting businesses all around you.

If your neighbours are all businesses, you might also get some extra custom from them and the chance to collaborate or cross-promote.

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What kind of extra facilities do you have access to on-site? You will need working toilets, a customer lift if you are above the ground floor, and access to the internet as well as the potential for phone services.

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After that, anything extra is a bonus. Finally, is your office space ideally suited to you? Do you have the option to customise it, and is the space flexible according to your needs? Will you be able to upgrade to a larger space if you need to? Palcan are another of our fantastic tenants here at Adelphi Mill, and they are an interesting variation on the other businesses inside our building. With green power at heart, they are a fuel company from Vancouver who happen to have an office with us as well as in locations all around the world. Palcan has been around since , when it was formed in Canada.

With 20 years of experience within the fuel industry, they have also made some huge leaps forward in their company development. They created the first fuel cell bicycle and scooter in the world, and in started a joint venture in China. They also created the first fuel cell portable generator, as well as making improvements and innovations with solar panels and other green fuel sources. In , they created a hybrid fuel cell electric bus. They now have bases in Taiwan, Madrid, and across China.

Working across North America, Europe, and Asia, Palcan is constantly looking to improve the fuel that we use and create more eco-friendly options. They have created a number of new products for the green power market, and continue to work on new projects to this day. Their innovations are at use in many places around the world, so you may have enjoyed power created by them without even knowing it! Like so many of our tenants, Palcan is such a unique and interesting business. The diversity of the companies sharing our walls makes for a vibrant mix, and really increases the business opportunities for those who mingle with their neighbours.

These tips are essential for getting through the year — and seeing success at the end of it. In the past, businesses might have hired a full staff before even launching. Now, you might find you can start off with a smaller team and build as you go. This keeps overheads down and gives you more of a chance to turn a profit in your first year. Millennial workers in particular are happy to wear more than one hat at their job, so you might find a head of marketing who is also happy to pitch in with web design or create all of your content themselves.

Setting up in an area which is close to other businesses is really important. Those links could be potential contacts, new customers, and referral generators.

Working together with other businesses is huge, and being in the right location can help you to make that happen. The hugely competitive world of online marketing now demands that you build an audience before you launch. Start small, with social media profiles set up and a website landing page to capture email addresses.

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Lessons are on a one-to-one basis. Boxes are available for daytime stabling if required, for an additional charge. Please email info charlottewittbom. Teaching clinics in different countries shows me that there are still cultural differences in this global age. In Portugal, a spot of rain or a cool breeze is reason enough to hide indoors. Then, in England — where I have been teaching this last week — clients come fully prepared for twelve months of weather in one day!

But thankfully we have enjoyed beautiful early spring sunshine this time. Difficult weather conditions — whether extreme heat, sub-freezing cold or torrential rain — can get in the way of our enjoyment of riding and any training programme we may have planned. Then when we can take an opportunity to work with them, their stored up energy can make them difficult to handle. Of course, having access to an indoor arena makes things easier, but when it is degrees, it even freezes inside!

In such circumstances, attempting concentrated work with a horse that just wants to run and buck is very difficult. Thank you to my students and friends across Sweden and in Oxfordshire, where I had the pleasure to teach for the first time last weekend. It was a joy to move from the bleak Scandinavian winter to see snowdrops hopefully heralding the lengthening sunny days in England. Greetings from snowy Sweden! I hope has started well for all of you. The beginning of each new year can bring forth a mixture of feelings — excitement and apprehension for what is to come, of course, but maybe also sadness for things which have passed or ambitions not yet achieved.

For many of us, horses play a central role — whether consciously or unconsciously — in how we feel about where we are in our lives and the sorts of people we want to be. Some of us have a simple goal to canter across fields in a state of unbridled freedom; many create a social life and important friendships around their horses; some may seek a philosophy of how we should train and ride which becomes a whole way of life in many ways.

When we have invested so much of ourselves into our relationship with our horses, it is all too easy to become frustrated or disillusioned with the progress we perceive we are — or perhaps are not — making. But of course the ambitions we have and our failure to achieve them are of our own making — our horses are just being themselves.

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Of course frustration is not wholly a bad thing — it shows we care. It shows that we strive to do more than our mind and body allow us to at any given time. Or perhaps that limitations of weather, work commitments, finances and so on are holding us back.

For some of my dear friends and clients, brought big life changes. Some became horse owners. Dec 13, Enjoy 20 savings with our toprated 1 Lissomandmuster. In the coming weeks, after eight years of retailing, Lissom Muster in its current form will come to an end.

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